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Both with a filler and with a muscle relaxant, a substance is injected under the skin ('injectables') to reduce wrinkles. With a filler ("filler") this substance serves to fill something e.g. the nose-lip fold, drooping corners of the mouth, lips, nose,... With a muscle relaxant injection, the injected substance serves to (temporarily) weaken certain muscles, e.g. to soften the frown wrinkle between the eyes, or the crow's feet,.... so not to fill anything up.


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Take a look at our operating theatre

📣 Did you know that we have 2 "top of the art" operating rooms with pre-anesthesia rooms, a spacious recovery for 6 beds and a spacious bed lift? 💪💉 🔝 We strive for the highest quality and safety in all our operations. Our state-of-the-art operating theatres are specially designed to meet the highest standards and provide an optimal environment for a successful procedure. In short, every patient enjoys the best care and the highest comfort 💜 with us.

Book your appointment online

📢 Good news! From now on you can also book an appointment online for a consultation with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nelissen 💜. Take a quick look at our website and plan your date with Dr. Nelissen 🥰😁 today. Also for treatment with anti-wrinkle injections (muscle relaxant) it remains possible to book your appointment online. Of course we are also happy to book your appointment by phone. So do not hesitate to call us if you do not find a suitable date or do not want to wait that long (we also work with reserve lists).

Local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia?

Did you know that treatments such as eyelid correction, labia correction, ear correction,... usually performed under local anaesthetic? This way you can undergo the treatment without general anesthesia. How do we proceed? The local anesthetic is applied to the operated body part and ensures that pain signals are not transmitted to the head. As a result, you will not experience and feel any pain during the operation. We usually combine this with sedation. This sedative relaxes you and makes you wonderfully sleepy, but not unconscious. Both procedures under sedation (local anesthesia) and anesthesia are performed in our operating room Would you like more information about anesthesia, sedation and local anesthesia?

How to choose the right plastic surgeon?

🧐 Discover our insider tips that will help you in your search for the perfect plastic surgeon. We still see it too often in our practice. You've decided! Finally, after much deliberation. You go for a certain aesthetic procedure. Oops, but now. Who is the best person to perform 🤔 this treatment ? Not an easy search and far too often things go wrong. You're going for the wrong person... We at Global Care Clinic would like to prevent this. After all, you only have 1 body. That is why we have put together a blog with tips and questions that you absolutely must take into account before you make the decision. Still have questions? We are happy to advise and assist you!

Monaco Anti-Aging
Monaco Anti-Aging

Plastic Surgeon Dr Nelissen will once again be present at this year's leading world congress on aesthetic and anti-aging medicine in sunny Monaco.

Tummy tuck or liposuction?

January is the time for many to work on the figure again. But what if, despite dieting and training, you still don't get rid of the stubborn belly rolls ("Michelin straps")? Often a liposuction is thought of. But did you know that a tummy tuck gives a much more striking before-and-after result? What is the difference between liposuction and tummy tuck?

Take the Collagen Test and Discover Your Collagen Beauty Profile

What is the quality of your skin? Do you want to boost your collagen to prevent or reverse signs of aging? Take the test and find out what your skin needs. This way you can indicate your needs more clearly to your Plastic Surgeon, who will then tailor your personal anti-aging plan to you.

Do you know the difference between a Plastic Surgeon and an Aesthetic/Cosmetic Doctor?

Last week we read in some newspapers that in the new series of The Sky is the Limit there is also a "plastic surgeon" speaking. However, it turns out that this is not a plastic surgeon but a cosmetic doctor. ... Isn't this the same thing?


Laser hair removal has started again! Please read the most FAQ about laser hair removal in this blog.

MiraDry anti-sweat treatment

Do you want to wear your favorite clothes carefree again? Worried about big sweat stains? miraDry is the only permanent solution against excessive sweating and odor under the armpit.

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MiraDry => ready for summer!

Summer is in the country! For you, does summer also equate to excessive sweating? You are not alone. Many Belgians suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. Did you know that there is a treatment for this?

Did you know about... anti wrinkle injections?

Read here some interesting facts about anti wrinkle injections.

Ultrasonic Nose Sculpture

Plastic surgeon Dr. Nelissen applies the ultrasonic nose sculpture technique. This is an improved procedure to correct the nose with the Piezo device.

Interview Sterck magazine

Read here the article of Sterck magazine, with an interview conducted with plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Nelissen, about the trends in plastic surgery.