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Sharing experience is multiplying knowledge.
Sharing experience is multiplying knowledge.

Plastic Surgeon Dr Nelissen will once again be present at this year's leading world congress on aesthetic and anti-aging medicine in sunny Monaco.


Laser hair removal has started again! Please read the most FAQ about laser hair removal in this blog.


Both with a filler and with a muscle relaxant, a substance is injected under the skin ('injectables'). With a filler ("filler") this substance serves to fill something e.g. the nose-lip fold, drooping corners of the mouth, lips, nose,... With a muscle relaxant injection, the injected substance serves to (temporarily) weaken certain muscles, e.g. to soften the frown wrinkle between the eyes, or the crow's feet,.... so not to fill anything up.

MiraDry anti-sweat treatment

Do you want to wear your favorite silk blouse carefree again? Worried about big sweat stains? miraDry is the only permanent solution against excessive sweating and odor under the armpit.

MiraDry => ready for summer!

Summer is in the country! For you, does summer also equate to excessive sweating? You are not alone. Many Belgians suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. Did you know that there is a treatment for this?

Did you know about... anti wrinkle injections?

Read here some interesting facts about anti wrinkle injections.

Ultrasonic Nose Sculpture

Plastic surgeon Dr. Nelissen applies the ultrasonic nose sculpture technique. This is an improved procedure to correct the nose with the Piezo device.

Myths about Muscle Relaxant Injection

Everyone has their own opinion about muscle relaxant injections and other anti-wrinkle treatments. Because we regularly hear wrong prejudices about this, we have decided to dedicate a newsletter to it. Here you can read about the three most common myths about muscle relaxing injections.