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Virtual 3D simulator during your intake for a breast augmentation !

Would you like to see your breast augmentation “before” the operation? It’s possible! The Global Care Clinic introduced a new version of postprocedure simulation technology by integrating a 3D virtual simulator! This allows you to see yourself in 3D in your desired cup size with round or anatomic implants.

Breast augmentation in the Global Care Clinic now for € 2595 all-in

A breast augmentation in the Global Care Clinic now costs temporarily € 2595 all-in. Valid for breast implants from 180 cc to 500 cc. Offer valid until 31/12/2019!

Did you know about ... Fillers?

… Fillers are used to fill the volume in the skin and thereby improve wrinkles, folds and facial contours in a natural way? … The injection is performed with an ultra-thin needle containing ​local anesthesia?



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