Welcome to the website of the Global Care Clinic. This private clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic surgery was founded more than 15 years ago by Plastic Surgeon Dr M. Nelissen and offers a complete range of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments with particular focus on breast enlargements (also for international patients), anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, facial surgery and body treatments. This Belgian Beauty Clinic is located in Zolder (next to the border with The Netherlands and Germany) and in Knokke (Belgian seaside, next to The Netherlands).

Plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Nelissen has been specialized in breast augmentation for more than 20 years!


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Explore Next Day Surgery: Swift, Cost-Efficient Breast Augmentation for International Patients - Book Your Consultation Now

Discover the convenience of Next Day Surgery, a unique service offering prompt and cost-effective breast augmentations. Book your consultation today and experience lower costs, minimal waiting time, and reduced time away from your commitments. Prepare for your surgery seamlessly by following our guidelines, ensuring a smooth journey towards your dream body. Also read the detailed journal of a UK patient.

Breast augmentation: why choose Global Care Clinic?

Discover the benefits of breast augmentation at the Global Care Clinic with our 5 assets! You have come to the right place to have your breast augmentation performed carefree. Whatever your reason for breast correction may be, if you are looking for a reliable and safe clinic that operates with the highest professional standards, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation. Plastic surgeon Dr Nelissen is the perfect person to advise and guide you.

Discover your new breasts in 3D with Crisalix Simulation

Visualize your dream breasts with our innovative Crisalix 3D simulation during a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Nelissen. Let our experienced advice advise you and see the simulations with our premium breast implants.


"... but only with Dr. Nelissen did I immediately felt like I was in the right hands. He is very direct and says how it should be done, and that can seem a bit overwhelming, but it was immediately clear to me that this doctor knows what he is doing and that he is a real perfectionist, proud of his job." "A big difference to other doctors is that you also get a lot of (free) check-ups and therefore get very good follow-up care. Everyone – from the secretary to the operating room – is very friendly, engaging and very committed. "

SCOOP: "Hybrid filler technique", the super skin booster

New is the "hybrid filler" in which a personalized cocktail of hyaluronic acid and collagen-stimulating filler is injected in 1 syringe. For superficial fine wrinkles, also for the neck.

MiraDry or Muscle Relaxant Injection as an anti-sweat treatment?

There are 2 types of treatments for excessive or unwanted sweating in the armpits: injections of muscle relaxant and MiraDry. Read more about the big difference between the two treatments here.

Minimal-scar Breast Augmentation

"Minimally Invasive Breast Augmentation" is a technique in which, among other things, a smaller incision (about half of the incision in the regular breast augmentation) is made, leaving you with minimal to no scars. Read more about the benefits of this technique and also look at the evolution of a scar after a breast augmentation.


Both with a filler and with a muscle relaxant, a substance is injected under the skin ('injectables') to reduce wrinkles. With a filler ("filler") this substance serves to fill something e.g. the nose-lip fold, drooping corners of the mouth, lips, nose,... With a muscle relaxant injection, the injected substance serves to (temporarily) weaken certain muscles, e.g. to soften the frown wrinkle between the eyes, or the crow's feet,.... so not to fill anything up.

Testimonial natural breast augmentation

Two sisters testify about their natural breast augmentation, 3 months ago, with Ergonomix 225cc breast implants. They tell you all about: - their experience in the Global Care Clinic, - what preceded their operation, - aftercare, whether they are satisfied with the chosen size, whether it hurt much, whether they have regrets, how the environment has reacted to it, ...


Those who are ready every day to offer the best care, with a smile !

Take a look at our operating theatre

📣 Did you know that we have 2 "top of the art" operating rooms with pre-anesthesia rooms, a spacious recovery for 6 beds and a spacious bed lift? 💪💉 🔝 We strive for the highest quality and safety in all our operations. Our state-of-the-art operating theatres are specially designed to meet the highest standards and provide an optimal environment for a successful procedure. In short, every patient enjoys the best care and the highest comfort 💜 with us.

Book your appointment online

📢 Good news! From now on you can also book an appointment online for a consultation with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nelissen 💜. Take a quick look at our website and plan your date with Dr. Nelissen 🥰😁 today. Also for treatment with anti-wrinkle injections (muscle relaxant) it remains possible to book your appointment online. Of course we are also happy to book your appointment by phone. So do not hesitate to call us if you do not find a suitable date or do not want to wait that long (we also work with reserve lists).


Improve your overall skin condition with our medical Dermapen needling 🤩 . Results: 👉 It stimulates skin renewal and collagen production, resulting in firmer and tighter skin. 👉 Natural wrinkle filling from the inside out. 👉 It restores your moisture balance. 👉 Your skin elasticity improves which ensures a lifting and firming of the skin. 👉 It narrows large pores. 👉 It softens pigment spots and couperose. 👉 Gives you fresher skin. Do you want to shine during the end-of-year celebrations ✨? Then know that in 3 months it will already be 😉 December . So start your treatment plan today and experience the benefits of our medical Dermapen needling 💜.


Jill De Greef about her breast augmentation with Dr Marc Nelissen: "I hesitated for six years. I always heard horror stories and positive stories. But I had almost no breasts and that's why I decided to change my mind. I went from a small B to a full C-cup. I actually wanted a slightly larger cup, but my doctor told me that this would not be nice for me. I am very happy with my 225cc. Only the first week I suffered from sore breasts while sleeping, but after that I was already partying in Ibiza."

Happy patient: Breast lift Motiva Ergonomix ERSD 245cc

😍 In April, this patient underwent a breast lift with implants "Motiva Ergonomix ERSD 245cc" at Dr. Nelissen. And as you can see, she literally and figuratively went into a bright summer. Start your journey to a better self-image! 💪🏼💕 Contact Global Care Clinic.

Do you have a lot of pain after a breast augmentation?

This was 1 of the questions recently asked in our "Ask me anything". Click on for the answer.

MIRADRY TREATMENT FILMED (Part 2: the treatment)

After the video about the start of the MiraDry treatment, you can now see how it is effectively performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Nelissen and his assistant 🤗

MiraDry treatment filmed (Part 1: preparation)

Curious how a miraDry treatment (against excessive sweating) starts with us in the Global Care Clinic? Watch with us 🤩

Breast Augmentation Esmeralda

Did you know that a breast augmentation at Dr Nelissen takes less than 1 hour and that you can quickly go home pain-free 🤩 ? At Global Care Clinic, we make sure you get a personal consultation to discuss the best options and make the procedure safe. Contact us today to start the journey to a better self-image! 💪🏼💕 By the way, what do you think of Esmeralda? 🤩 Thought so. A beautiful full D-cup after a breast augmentation with 295cc performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Nelissen.

A breast augmentation at Global Care Clinic, always a good idea 💜

For the following reasons: ✔️ Dr. Nelissen has more than 20 years of experience with breast augmentations; ✔️ We offer you the highest possible care and follow-up before, during and after your operation; ✔️ Global Care Clinic only works with safe, natural-looking and feeling breast implants of the highest quality; ✔️ Narrow incision, efficient procedure, quick recovery; ✔️ 95% of our patients wake up painless; ✔️ The numerous, positive testimonials of our patients who confirm all of the above. Experience it for yourself and give a boost to your self-confidence. Email us today and we'll be happy to get back to you.

Local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia?

Did you know that treatments such as eyelid correction, labia correction, ear correction,... usually performed under local anaesthetic? This way you can undergo the treatment without general anesthesia. How do we proceed? The local anesthetic is applied to the operated body part and ensures that pain signals are not transmitted to the head. As a result, you will not experience and feel any pain during the operation. We usually combine this with sedation. This sedative relaxes you and makes you wonderfully sleepy, but not unconscious. Both procedures under sedation (local anesthesia) and anesthesia are performed in our operating room Would you like more information about anesthesia, sedation and local anesthesia?

How to choose the right plastic surgeon?

🧐 Discover our insider tips that will help you in your search for the perfect plastic surgeon. We still see it too often in our practice. You've decided! Finally, after much deliberation. You go for a certain aesthetic procedure. Oops, but now. Who is the best person to perform 🤔 this treatment ? Not an easy search and far too often things go wrong. You're going for the wrong person... We at Global Care Clinic would like to prevent this. After all, you only have 1 body. That is why we have put together a blog with tips and questions that you absolutely must take into account before you make the decision. Still have questions? We are happy to advise and assist you!

Confidently heading into summer with MiraDry

Do you recognize yourself in this? You are looking forward to the summer but unfortunately for you this is accompanied by excessive sweating, sweat spots and the necessary odor nuisance 😓 . In short, stress! Then know that you are not alone. 1 in 10 people suffers from this. Fortunately, there is also a solution: 'MiraDry' 🎉 . This treatment is the only, permanent, non-surgical solution for excessive sweating and odor under the armpit. Moreover, painless. Interest? DM, mail, call,... for an appointment at Global Care Clinic and head into the summer full of confidence.

Are you not so happy with your nose? Is rhinoplasty a long-cherished wish?

Then know that at Global Care Clinic we apply 'the ultrasonic nose sculpture technique'. This is an improved procedure to correct the nose in which Dr. Nelissen uses the Piezo device. Click on and read about all the benefits of rhinoplasty with the Piezo device. So are you not satisfied with your nose tip, that eye-catching bulge or can your nose just be a bit smaller? Call us today for an appointment.

Reviews breast augmentation

"A clinic where you are not just a number, but are seen as a person 💜." This is what Global Care Clinic prides itself on. We are therefore very happy that our customers also experience this. Thank you for the kind words. Click on for more patient reviews.

Crow's feet, frown wrinkles, forehead wrinkles,...

Better off without? Then know that Doctor Nelissen specializes in placing muscle-relaxing wrinkle injections. More so; It is our most commonly performed cosmetic treatment. Why this is such a success, we are happy to explain to you.


Often we get the question or comment: "I would like so much (e.g. 300) cc" or "I would like bra size so much". Read here more about how we help you choose the right size of implant.


Read here the 10 reasons why the Global Care Clinic in Belgium is the best choice for your breast augmentation. Choose for safety and experience for a reasonable price.

Clinic reviews

Recent clinic experiences of patients

Ultrasonic Nose Sculpture

Plastic surgeon Dr. Nelissen applies the ultrasonic nose sculpture technique. This is an improved procedure to correct the nose with the Piezo device.

Interview Sterck magazine

Read here the article of Sterck magazine, with an interview conducted with plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Nelissen, about the trends in plastic surgery.

Dr Nelissen lectures on breast augmentations
Dr Nelissen lectures on breast augmentations

Last weekend Dr Nelissen was present at the AMEC Congress in Monaco. He was asked to come talk about his extensive experience with more than 1000 ergonomix breast enlargements, in the presence of Dr. Per Heden from 'Akademikliniken' and Dr. Stan Constantin of 'S Clinic'

Before-and-after photos


Plastische Chirurgie België interview on Medical Travel TV
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