Virtual 3D simulator during your intake for a breast augmentation !

Would you like to see your breast augmentation “before” the operation? It’s possible! The Global Care Clinic introduced a new version of postprocedure simulation technology by integrating a 3D virtual simulator! This allows you to see yourself in 3D in your desired cup size with round or anatomic implants.

Dr Nelissen gives training on anti-wrinkle injection techniques
Dr Nelissen gives training on anti-wrinkle injection techniques

Last weekend, plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Nelissen shared his longtime experience on anti-wrinkle injection techniques once again with fellow plastic surgeons and dermatologists. This happened during live injection courses at the "7th Clinical Facial Aesthetic Course for Anatomy and Injections" in Amsterdam with Dr. Ali Pirayesh (Amsterdam Plastic Surgery).

The perfect proportions of the breast

DID YOU KNOW THAT...? … Plastic surgeon Dr. Nelissen wrote  a scientific study about the so-called perfect proportions of the breast? … During each breast augmentation consultation, different breast implants are fitted on your own breasts until we find the correct size?