Virtual 3D simulator during your intake for a breast augmentation !

Would you like to see your breast augmentation “before” the operation? It’s possible! The Global Care Clinic introduced a new version of postprocedure simulation technology by integrating a 3D virtual simulator! This allows you to see yourself in 3D in your desired cup size with round or anatomic implants.

Dr Nelissen gives training on anti-wrinkle injection techniques

Last weekend, plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Nelissen shared his longtime experience on anti-wrinkle injection techniques once again with fellow plastic surgeons and dermatologists. This happened during live injection courses at the "7th Clinical Facial Aesthetic Course for Anatomy and Injections" in Amsterdam with Dr. Ali Pirayesh (Amsterdam Plastic Surgery).

Dr Nelissen lectures on breast augmentations

Last weekend Dr Nelissen was present at the AMEC Congress in Monaco. He was asked to come talk about his extensive experience with more than 1000 ergonomix breast enlargements, in the presence of Dr. Per Heden from 'Akademikliniken' and Dr. Stan Constantin of 'S Clinic'

MiraDry Anti-Sweat treatment

MORE THAN 90% PATIENT SATISFACTION & FDA approved! Why choose miraDry? -82% reduction in sweat in the armpits; -sweat glands do not come back after the treatment (lasting results); -non-invasive (no harsh chemicals, toxins or need surgery); -minimum recovery time after the procedure

Did you know … about antiwrinkle injections?

… that  antiwrinkle injections are done with a natural protein which is the most examined medicine in the world? … You can already have a wrinkle relaxing injection treatment for €120? … We use a special cooling stick to “numb” the area so that you feel less discomfort?

The perfect proportions of the breast

DID YOU KNOW THAT...? … Plastic surgeon Dr. Nelissen wrote  a scientific study about the so-called perfect proportions of the breast? … During each breast augmentation consultation, different breast implants are fitted on your own breasts until we find the correct size?

Ultrasonic Nose Sculpture

Plastic surgeon Dr. Nelissen applies the ultrasonic nose sculpture technique. This is an improved procedure to correct the nose with the Piezo device.

Did you know… about breast enlargement?

… Breast enlargement is one of the most requested and performed aesthetic operations in the Global Care Clinic. … Prices for breast augmentation in Belgium are considerately low, especially when compared to the neighbouring countries (United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands). A breast augmentation in the Global Care Clinic (plastic surgeon Dr. Nelissen) is possible as from € 2.595. … There are no waiting lists in the Global Care Clinic.

Next Day Surgery

Read the testimonial about a woman travelling from the UK for a breast augmentation in Next Day Surgery

Interview Plastic Surgeon Dr Nelissen

Interview Plastic Surgeon Dr Nelissen by local news channel TVL



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